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Teacher Mom Chronicles

Hi, I’m Brittany! Welcome to Teacher Mom Chronicles, where I share my adventures and my failures as a person juggling multiple titles. My goal is, through honesty, good story telling, and a little humor to empower women everywhere who may feel overwhelmed by all of the responsibilities that come with being a working parent. Trust me, we’re all just wingin’ it. Let’s do this together!



I am a Black, indigenous Los Angeles native. I love movies, books, and writing.


My husband and I have been married for 6 years. We met working at a day camp together.


I am the proud mother of three kids. All very silly, energetic, and hungry…all of the time!


I am a dual credentialed educator, that has been teaching for 7 years. I became a teacher to change the world.

Education: My Purpose and Passion

I have been teaching since 2014. I taught 5th grade before transitioning to my current position as a K-3 Resource Teacher. Teaching is my passion and education youth from marginalized groups is my purpose. Take a look at the teaching category on the blog for some progressive and inclusive teaching practices.


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